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Aufguss Master Class


We strive to constantly help our clients and offer the widest possible range of services. You can see our offer below. We are constantly developing and expanding our services, so if you would like to suggest something that is not yet in our offer, we would be grateful for your message.


Become a sauna master! Training for people who want to start their adventure with sauna . 

- the basics of aromatherapy in the sauna

-basic techniques of swinging

- service of sauna zones

- aromatherapy sessions in the sauna

-working with the saunarium client

- types of saunas and their properties

-health and safety at work of the sauna master




-Introduction to the ceremony Show 

-review and discussion of the rules of the Aufguss WM competition

-Music editing workshop

-Basic DMX Course   (Quick DMX)

-Professionalism of the sauna master

-Advanced Show Swinging Techniques

Total Experience

-using natural products in creating a total experience ceremony

-smoke routines

-working with herbs


- herbal ceremonies in dry and steam saunas

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