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This is how our story began

Who we are

Since its founding in 2020, Nature Steam has prioritized high quality service.

It was the desire to improve the quality on the market that stimulated the development of our company.

If you need more information about the services offered, please contact us.


Nature Steam

We focus on quality!

We pay attention to details and we are professionals.

Polish Championship Aufguss WM 2021

Vice World Championship Aufguss WM 2021



Sauna champion with 7 years of experience.


I had the opportunity to conduct ceremonies in many saunas in Poland and in Europe.


I am a certified trainer in my profession and a certified aromatherapist. I have participated in many sauna competitions with high results.


In 2018, I managed to win the World Championship title in the team, and in 2019, as the first woman in history, I won the AUFGUSS WM World Championship in individual competition. In what I do, I try to convey all my knowledge, philosophy and passion for the sauna.


The most expensive tool in my work, which are essential oils - I am constantly expanding my knowledge of aromatherapy to do my work with greater awareness and be able to pass this knowledge on.



A sauna master with 11 years of experience. As one of the first, I represented Poland at the SAUNA WM World Championships and AUFGUSS WM. I started my adventure with the sauna in Roman Baths, where I won twice the title of Vice Champion of Poland in the individual category and the title of Vice Champion of Poland in the team.


I have been gaining experience in foreign thermal baths for over 5 years.

I am a certified sauna master by the "Deutsche Sauna Bund".


I am still expanding my knowledge and improving my skills.

In my everyday work, I care about relaxing each guest in the sauna, introducing a unique atmosphere to the sessions. My goal is a unique waving style and finding originality in the sauna masters training with Nature Steam.

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